(H)air drying


A - Amish bun

I'm in a Long Hair Community challenge (no time limit for me), to do hairstyles from A-Z. So this is A - Amish bun.

I made a flexi

This is what I made with the ornament on the elastic from Handfaste. I cut of the elastic and made a flexi.
It was really fun! I'll make more in the future!
I also took pictures of the process if you want instructions on how to do. Just tell me if you're interested!

An action shot of the celtic knot hair slide

Todays hairstyle and some more stuff from Handfaste. 13/06-18

I couldn't resist, so I ordered these... I'll turn the one with the elastic into a hair slide or something similar.
Nautilus bun with accent braids


A valkyrie hairstyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHpDtSO9gtQ
A hair stick that I bought at Handfaste in Stockholm yesterday.
A hair slide from the same store.

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