Todays hairstyle 17/05-19 Braided bun

Today I wear a different hair sword with a self made flexi.
I was asked if I could do more pirate/warrior and fairy hairstyles, so this was a quick "celtic warrior" style.
Any suggestions on more styles that matches any of these categories?

Todays hairstyle 14/05-19 Braided paranda bun with hair swords


New paranda

I made a new paranda today!

Quick historically inspired updo

Not completely serious. I actually made it to try a tecnique for future hairstyles. 

First time I'm using my phone for writing a blog post, so I don't know how it will look. Are the pictures big or normal size?

Video tutorial for the braided romatic updo

It seems as if I forgot to share the tutorial here, so I'll do it now!

Yesterdays hairstyle

Yesterday, a friend braided my hair.
Dutch braids with a ribbon and a twisted Chinese ladder braid.
She's so skilled!
I'm actually wearing the Dutch braids today with a braided bun.

P - Pretzel bun


O - Orchid bun

I have to admit that I like how huge it looks...

N - Neoma knot bun.

Taking up this challenge again!


I made a very simple and basic daenggi from a satin ribbon.

New hairstick!

Today, this wonderful hairstick from Oragerium arrived!
I love it!
The bun is a celtic knot bun.
She also added this lovely postcard and an envelope!

Todays hairstyle 03/03-19 Cable braid



I just have 20 cm to knee! How did that happen!?
And yes my hair is wet.

Todays hairstyle 12/02-19 Braids (and lots of u-pins)

It's four braids.
Two with the "front hair" that's been wrapped around the top of my head.
And two in the back. I made a cinnabun with one braid and then continued to wrap the other one around it.
And in the end, I decided to put in some ornaments to make it more interesting.

Another snood

You can read about it on my instagram, but I had eye laser surgery last week. Having bad eyesight (it improves every day now!), I did stuff that required less eyesight. And one of those things where to finish another snood!
Now I want to buy more yarn to make another one. I'd really like to make a red one!



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