Today's hairstyle

Long time no duckies!

Happy Easter!

In Sweden, easter is when witches are said to fly to Blåkulla. Often with a black cat. (Mine said that they would stay and watch our home this year.) And children of all genders dress up like "påskkärringar". The meaning is pretty much "easter bitches". That's witches in head scarves, skirts/dresses and usually with red cheeks. And then they walk from door to door asking for candy.

In Sweden easter is a lot bigger than Halloween! And we also decorate stuff with feathers and paint eggs.

What Easter traditions do you have in your country?

Happy Easter!

People have been going on about me needing easter decorations and how easter feathers is a must. 

There's feathers everywhere where the ducks have been. But what am I meant to decorate? 

Must be the easter witch!

Spring braids

Today's hairstyle and outfit

Hair and outfit for my father in law's birthday party.

Floor length... While sitting on the couch

Totally a milestone!

New tattoo!

Very happy with it!

New YouTube video - Victorian inspired hairstyle


Project duck - Spoiling them...

Reading about ducks, it's mostly about keeping them alive for food. Little about spoiling and entertaining them. We want them to be happy.

Here's their latest "toy"...

Arwens flight to the ford braids


Rope braided disc bun

Scarf braids

I added my headband this time.

New unboxing video!




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