I made a hairband from an old tank top

Quick and easy! Also alot cheaper than buying one and better for the environment.
I'll post a tutorial on how to do it during the next few days.

Todays hairstyle 30/05-19 Braided bun with accent braids


Hair measure and Aurelia

114 cm.
My hair (and nose) absolutely loves the Aurelia oil from NightBlooming!

Todays hairstyle 26/05-19 Braids

Matching my hair with my T-shirt today.

Hair and dandelions

Playing around taking hair pictures, instead of doing the things that I should do... I'll do them later.
It's funny how angel, waves and shadows can make hair longer than finger tip length look shorter.
And yeah, my hair's "frizzy" today.
My hair and dress is the same length! (wearing a skirt under the dress).

Todays hairstyle 17/05-19 Braided bun

Today I wear a different hair sword with a self made flexi.
I was asked if I could do more pirate/warrior and fairy hairstyles, so this was a quick "celtic warrior" style.
Any suggestions on more styles that matches any of these categories?

Todays hairstyle 14/05-19 Braided paranda bun with hair swords


New paranda

I made a new paranda today!

Quick historically inspired updo

Not completely serious. I actually made it to try a tecnique for future hairstyles. 

First time I'm using my phone for writing a blog post, so I don't know how it will look. Are the pictures big or normal size?

Video tutorial for the braided romatic updo

It seems as if I forgot to share the tutorial here, so I'll do it now!

Yesterdays hairstyle

Yesterday, a friend braided my hair.
Dutch braids with a ribbon and a twisted Chinese ladder braid.
She's so skilled!
I'm actually wearing the Dutch braids today with a braided bun.

P - Pretzel bun


O - Orchid bun

I have to admit that I like how huge it looks...

N - Neoma knot bun.

Taking up this challenge again!


I made a very simple and basic daenggi from a satin ribbon.



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