12 years of growing my hair!

12 Years have now passed since I had a side cut and decided that I wanted long hair.
I cut all of my hair to the same length (0,5 cm, so a little shorter than in the picture), but kept bangs to have less of a buzz cut. But since I hate having bangs, so I soon cut them off too.
Back then I used a really dull scissor to cut my hair and would continue to do so for years.
Don't ask me why, but I bleached my hair... Above is the "carrot phase".
Blond and abused hair.
And of course, I soon missed having black hair.
I decided to for the last time in my life, bleach my hair, before dying it red and then go back to black once and for all. And thus the "carrot phase" again.
I also used to let a friend heat style my hair.
I really enjoyed red hair, but what a hassle to keep it red!
After I had to wash it with some special stuff before surgery, most of the dye washed out and I decided to let the bleached hair grow out and slowly cut it away before dying it black.
Before jumping in to the shower to do my first CO-wash.
This is what my natural hair color looked like after a year of CO-washing and when most of the bleach had been cut away.
I decided to never again use chemical dyes again and wanted to be a henna head for a while, before starting the process of getting it black with indigo.
The process of getting it black. It took some time and effort, but it was worth it. Also, my hair finally started to get longer for real, now that I now longer mistreated it.
Black again.
Uneven hemline because of my braid waves.

And this is where I am today. Finger tip length and still growing!
Although my hair would have been a lot longer if I would have taken as good care of it all the way, as I'm doing today. I have no regrets! I had a lot of fun trying different colors and doing stuff with my hair! Now I can grow it without any temptations!

Viking fair!

Today I was at a viking fair with a friend and had a great time!
I did two French lace braids and a valkyrie ponytail.
  • Scarf - ???
  • Red dress - Made by me (Made from thrifted materials)
  • Belt - Indiska
  • "Belt bags" - Made by me
  • Skirt - Thrifted
  • Shoes - From another fair
They showed some ancient viking games!
They were very skilled!
Love is in the air!?
Such a cute couple!
We tried archery.
They had something that I could eat!
I bought this beauty! I'm drinking tea from it right now!
I love nice smelling soaps, so these two had to come home with me.
Can you guess what types of earrings that I like?
Of course I had to buy hair toys!

My trim

Yesterday I trimmed my hair 2,5 cm. Next trim will be in January 2020!

One year without a trim!

For the first time ever, I've gone a year without a trim! I will however trim it a bit today.
Never mind my flippy ends in the second photo

Medieval fair

Today I was at a fair with a friend and I had a great time!
Top - Thrifted
Skirt - Made by me
Bag - Made by me
Necklace - Kristallrummet
Bracelets - Made by a friend
Shoes - From another fair
My friend braided my hair for me!
She did a great job!
The scrunchie is also made by me, from the same green fabric as my skirt.
Completely serious cave picture!
Another serious picture?
We strolled around and looked at a lot of beautiful things, but allt I bought was a coffe and a hairslide... I'm saving my money for next weeks viking fair!
I will sandpaper the wood and dye it darker with coffe.

Henna, indigo and the blog

I get a lot of questions about henna and indigo. So I've made two drafts that needs some correction and pictures. I will post them as soon as I'm done!
I'm also thinking about doing a hair FAQ, since I do get some questions a lot and a post about my hair care routine. Is this something you want to see and do you have any other questions?
I'll try to get back to blogging again, so please help keep me motivated and tell me what you wan to see here!

Yesterdays hair and clothes

Yesterday I wore a different version of my braided romatic updo for midsummer.

Another snood

I actually finished this a few months ago (two days after I started) and I've been wearing it a lot, but I never shared a picture.

I made a hairband from an old tank top

Quick and easy! Also alot cheaper than buying one and better for the environment.
I'll post a tutorial on how to do it during the next few days.

Todays hairstyle 30/05-19 Braided bun with accent braids


Hair measure and Aurelia

114 cm.
My hair (and nose) absolutely loves the Aurelia oil from NightBlooming!

Todays hairstyle 26/05-19 Braids

Matching my hair with my T-shirt today.

Hair and dandelions

Playing around taking hair pictures, instead of doing the things that I should do... I'll do them later.
It's funny how angel, waves and shadows can make hair longer than finger tip length look shorter.
And yeah, my hair's "frizzy" today.
My hair and dress is the same length! (wearing a skirt under the dress).

Todays hairstyle 17/05-19 Braided bun

Today I wear a different hair sword with a self made flexi.
I was asked if I could do more pirate/warrior and fairy hairstyles, so this was a quick "celtic warrior" style.
Any suggestions on more styles that matches any of these categories?

Todays hairstyle 14/05-19 Braided paranda bun with hair swords


New paranda

I made a new paranda today!

Quick historically inspired updo

Not completely serious. I actually made it to try a tecnique for future hairstyles. 

First time I'm using my phone for writing a blog post, so I don't know how it will look. Are the pictures big or normal size?

Video tutorial for the braided romatic updo

It seems as if I forgot to share the tutorial here, so I'll do it now!

Yesterdays hairstyle

Yesterday, a friend braided my hair.
Dutch braids with a ribbon and a twisted Chinese ladder braid.
She's so skilled!
I'm actually wearing the Dutch braids today with a braided bun.

P - Pretzel bun


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