Todays hairstyle 03/03-19 Cable braid


Todays hairstyle 12/02-19 Braids (and lots of u-pins)

It's four braids.
Two with the "front hair" that's been wrapped around the top of my head.
And two in the back. I made a cinnabun with one braid and then continued to wrap the other one around it.
And in the end, I decided to put in some ornaments to make it more interesting.

Matching fur


Just another hair picture


New flexi!

I made a new flexi last week.
Sorry for bad pictures.
With a hair stick that I made years ago.

Hairstyles 2018

A bit delayed, but here we go!
A "square" braided bun.
Braided paranda bun.
A bun under a scarf.
French rope braids.
"Valkyria hairstyle"
Braided bun with accent braids.
Another braided bun.
A messy nautlus bun with accent braids.
A "twisted" bun.
Amish bun.
Bweetas' buns.
Celtic knot bun.
Dutch braids and double buns.
A halfup that a friend made for me.
Another braided bun.
My version of Eowyn´s funeral hair.
French twist.
A Sansa Stark updo.
Helix bun.
A steampunk version of a Victorian hairstyle.
Infinity braid.
Some sort of bun...
The Jaimie Leigh.
Log roll.
Knot, knot, knot bun...
My own version of a braided bun.
Another Nautilus bun.
A regular braid.
Eternal roll.
Milkmaid braids with rope braids.
Taped milkmad braids made from rope braids.
Dutch braids with the ends wrapped around my head.
A braided "Christmas bun".
Loose hair.
A braid with an accent braid, a ribbon and a bow.
Brioche bun.
A bun that I invented.
A braided paranda bun again.

Happy new year!

A braided paranda bun, so that I can just pull out the hairstick before going to sleep.

2018's growth journey

 I trimmed 2 cm six months ago.
It means that my hair has grown 15 cm this year! It's more than last year!
I'll post 2018's hairstyles some day soon!

Todays hairstyle 27/12-18 A new bun?

I made this bun this morning and am still wearing it. Is there a name for this bun? It must exist already...

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 4. And my Christmas hair day 2.

For the second day of Christmas, I wore my hair in a braid with an accent braid, a ribbon and a bow.

My Christmas hair day 1.

We celebrated Christmas two days in a row. Day 1, I had my hair loose. It's tradition.

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 3

A braided bun with a green ribbon, beads on u-pins and Amish pins and a scrunchie around the bun.

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 2

Not the best picture, but even a regular "every day" bun can be turned into a winter hairstyle.

Yesterdays hairstyle

Dutch braids with the ends wrapped around my head and a flower.

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 1

I'm not a Christmas or a winter person, but this year I'll try to do a few hairstyles that's inspired by Christmas and winter.
First up are these taped milkmaid braids, made from rope braids.
I thought that this ribbon had a bit of "Christmas feeling" and the hairstyle does remind me a little of a Christmas wreath.

I mae my first snood!

I found a good tutorial, so it was actually quite easy! And fun!
It's very comfortable.
I will make more!

M - Milkmaid brad with rope braids.

I fell off the wagon for a while with this challenge, but here we go again!

Eternal roll/Edwardian hair

Todays hairstyle.
It was actually quite easy to do!
I used U-pins to attach it.
And with a flower.

New hair sticks!

Well packaged!
And in their own wooden box!
Made for the sticks!
I really love them!
This is where I got them from

Todays hairstyle 29/09-18 A braided bun

I made a French braid and put the hair slide "over it". Then I wrapped the braid around it and attached the end with u-pins.

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