"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 3

A braided bun with a green ribbon, beads on u-pins and Amish pins and a scrunchie around the bun.

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 2

Not the best picture, but even a regular "every day" bun can be turned into a winter hairstyle.

Yesterdays hairstyle

Dutch braids with the ends wrapped around my head and a flower.

"Christmasy"/"Wintery" hairstyles 1

I'm not a Christmas or a winter person, but this year I'll try to do a few hairstyles that's inspired by Christmas and winter.
First up are these taped milkmaid braids, made from rope braids.
I thought that this ribbon had a bit of "Christmas feeling" and the hairstyle does remind me a little of a Christmas wreath.

Todays hairstyle 04/12-18


I mae my first snood!

I found a good tutorial, so it was actually quite easy! And fun!
It's very comfortable.
I will make more!

M - Milkmaid brad with rope braids.

I fell off the wagon for a while with this challenge, but here we go again!

Eternal roll/Edwardian hair

Todays hairstyle.
It was actually quite easy to do!
I used U-pins to attach it.
And with a flower.


I managed to kinda' dye the lengths last week when I touched up my roots.
My braid.

New hair sticks!

Well packaged!
And in their own wooden box!
Made for the sticks!
I really love them!
This is where I got them from https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/Yardrevo

Todays hairstyle 29/09-18 A braided bun

I made a French braid and put the hair slide "over it". Then I wrapped the braid around it and attached the end with u-pins.

L - Log roll

Log roll with a ficcare.

K - Knot, knot, knot bun...

This is what I did for K.
Next up is L! Should I just make a lazy wrap bun or do something more interesting?

DIY. Make your own scrunchie

You need
  • Fabric - preferable is velvet, silk or satin
  • Elastic
  • Scissor
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • If wanted, a sewingmachine
How to do it
  • Cut out the fabric. Mine's 56x9 cm.
  • Put the fabric inside out.
  • Sew the longer sides together, around the elastic. I did it by hand, but you could do it with a sewing machine.
  • Turn the fabric the right way by "pulling it trough itself"
  • Take a needle and thread.
  • Make a knot and start your sewing with the knot inside the fabric.
  • Fold the edges as in the picture and sew "around" them
  • This will give you and "invisible" seam. But it's not the end of the world if your seams are visible.
  • And now you have a scrunchie!

I made scrunchies

While rewatching a movie I made my first scruchies.
I made them by hand and used leftover fabric from the skirt I made a few years ago. So they match!
A tutorial on how to make your own scruchies will be up in the next couple of days!



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