A friends wedding

Yesterday I was at a friends wedding and another friend fixed my hair.
I had to buy a dress that wasn't all black for this occasion. The shoes, I bought for my high school graduation eight years ago.
It took her 1,5 hours to do my hair and the result was amazing! I'm so happy with it!
It was the same friend who took the pictures for me!

D - Dutch braids & double buns

And scrunchies as decoration.

C - Celtic knot bun


B - Bweeta's buns and todays style

For the letter B, I chose Bweeta's buns.
I bought the dress at Blue Fox last month in Stockholm.

Growing my hair for 11 years!

11 Years have now passed since I had a side cut and decided that I wanted long hair.
I cut all of the hair to the same length (0,5 cm, so a little shorter than in the picture), but kept bangs to have less of a buzz cut. But since I hate having bangs, so I soon cut it off too.
Back then I used a really dull scissor to cut my hair and would continue to do so for years.
Don't ask me why, but I bleached my hair... Above is the "carrot phase".
Blond and abused hair.
And of course, I soon missed having black hair.
I decided to for the last time in my life, bleach my hair before dying it red and then go back to black once and for all. And thus the "carrot phase" again.
I also used to let a friend heat style my hair.
I really enjoyed the color hair, but what a hassle to keep it red!
After I had to wash it with some special stuff before surgery, most of the dye washed out and I decided to let the bleached hair grow out and slowly cut it away before dying it black.
Before jumping in to the shower to do my first CO-wash.
This is what my natural hair color looked like after a year of CO-washing and when most of the bleach had been cut away.
I decided to never again use chemical dyes again and wanted to be a henna head for a while, before starting the process of getting it black with indigo.
The process of getting it black. It took some time and effort, but was worth it. Also, my hair finally started to get longer for real, now that I now longer mistreated it.
Black again.
Uneven hemline because of my braid waves.

And this is today! I'm closing in on classic and am going for terminal!
Although my hair would have been a lot longer if I would have taken as good care of it all the way, as I'm doing today. I have no regrets! I had a lot of fun trying different colors and doing stuff with my hair!

Six months no trimming 2018 - result and trim.

It grew 7,5 cm in six months.
Yesterday I trimmed two cm.
Next trim is in six months.

(H)air drying


A - Amish bun

I'm in a Long Hair Community challenge (no time limit for me), to do hairstyles from A-Z. So this is A - Amish bun.

I made a flexi

This is what I made with the ornament on the elastic from Handfaste. I cut of the elastic and made a flexi.
It was really fun! I'll make more in the future!
I also took pictures of the process if you want instructions on how to do. Just tell me if you're interested!

An action shot of the celtic knot hair slide

Todays hairstyle and some more stuff from Handfaste. 13/06-18

I couldn't resist, so I ordered these... I'll turn the one with the elastic into a hair slide or something similar.
Nautilus bun with accent braids


A valkyrie hairstyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHpDtSO9gtQ
A hair stick that I bought at Handfaste in Stockholm yesterday.
A hair slide from the same store.

Todays (second) hairstyle. 32/03-18 French rope braids


Getting closer...

Matching my plant today...


Todays hairstyle. 07/03-18 Braided paranda bun


Todays hairstyle. 02/03-18 Dutch braids and two braided buns


Some more stuff from Night Blooming

Life has been hectic, so I still haven't wrote a review of my last purchase from Night Blooming and now I've bought some more stuff. I'll write about everything after testing it properly and have the time and energy. Probably after we've moved.
Livet har varit hektistk, så jag har fortfarande inte skrivit om mitt senaste inköå från Night Blooming och nu har jag beställt lite mer grejer. Jag ska skriva om allt efter att jag har testat det ordenligt och har tid och energi. Antagligen efter att vi har flyttat.

The illusion of longer or shorter hair...

Different types of clothes can really make your hair look longer or shorter. This is actually on of the trick they use to create those "grow your hair a ridiculous amount over night" videos.
Olika typer av kläder kan verkligen få ditt hår att se längre eller kortare ut. Det är faktiskt ett utav knepen de använder för att göra dem där "få ditt hår att växa löjligt mycket över natten" videorna.
My braids are barely touching but crack length, but look to be tailbone length with this skirt and T-shirt.
Mina flätor är knappt "but crack lenght", men ser ut att nå svanskotan med den här kjolen och T-shirten.


Braid waves from wearing an Amish bun for four days. It's now time to comb and brush it and become a puffy troll...
Vågor från att ha haft en Amish bun i fyra dagar. Nu är det dags att kamma och borsta det och bli ett puffigt troll...

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