M - Milkmaid brad with rope braids.

I fell off the wagon for a while with this challenge, but here we go again!

Eternal roll/Edwardian hair

Todays hairstyle.
It was actually quite easy to do!
I used U-pins to attach it.
And with a flower.

New hair sticks!

Well packaged!
And in their own wooden box!
Made for the sticks!
I really love them!
This is where I got them from https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/Yardrevo

Todays hairstyle 29/09-18 A braided bun

I made a French braid and put the hair slide "over it". Then I wrapped the braid around it and attached the end with u-pins.

K - Knot, knot, knot bun...

This is what I did for K.
Next up is L! Should I just make a lazy wrap bun or do something more interesting?

I made scrunchies

While rewatching a movie I made my first scruchies.
I made them by hand and used leftover fabric from the skirt I made a few years ago. So they match!
A tutorial on how to make your own scruchies will be up in the next couple of days!

Todays hairstyle and an action pic of my new flexi

 Combined with a hairstick that I amde a few years ago.

Well... I made another flexi!

Last year I uppdated the shoulder bag that I made a few years ago, so that it would match the dress I made.
I got one button left and today I used it to make a flexi.
Yup, you're a geek when you make a bag, dress and hairtoy that matches...
I might try to put them all on some day to get an action pic of the flexi.

J - (The) Jaimie Leigh

Simple and comfortable!

New flexi!

I made another flexi! This time I used a button as centerpiece.
With a hair sword.

I - Infinity braid

A bit messy and uneven since it was the first time I did this hairstyle.

Outfit, hairstyle, make up and what I bought at Silwersteam!

Fan/Victorian updo made into a "steam punk hairstyle".
Butterfly from Glitter and coghweels from last years Silwersteam. I attached them with u-pins.
Necklace & socks - EMP
Shirt & vest - second hand
Skirt - Burlesk
Shoes - Pleaser
Raven purse - Sandra Hultsved
Handbag - ???
 I bought this and am very exited to make some flowers for my hair!
I also bought a flower from Imperialfiddlesticks
And some more cogwheels.
I had to try it!

H - Helix bun

Yesterday I did a Helix bun.

You can never have too many hair scarves

The picture doesn't really show the colors...
I went second hand shopping today and truly fell inte love with the one with butterflies!

G - Game of Thrones updo

For G I chose a Sansa updo and adjusted it (not visible) to my length.

I've reached classic!

This is a huge milestone for me! It was my childhood goal, before I got tired of the tangly mess it was back then and chopped it off.
Next milestone will be fingertip!

F - French twist

A French twist with a ficcare. This hairstyle really was made for people with less hair...

E - Eowyn's funeral hair

My hair was too long for the instructions I found, so I made up something of my own instead.

How to use a square scarf for you hair

The first version is great for protecting your hair, or to simply hide the fact that you haven't washed or brushed it.
Fold it like this.
Put the "middle piece" over your bun.
Cross the "side pieces" over the middle piece.
Twist the middle section with one of the side sections.
Put all of the pieces on top of your bun.
Tie it. You can now choose to leave the ends loose or tuck them in under your scarf.
Version number is great for hiding greasy roots or protecting the scalp while still showing of your bun and/or hairtoys.
 Fold the scarf the same way.
Put the middlesection "on the side" of your bun.
Cross the side sections under your bun and twist the middle section with one of the side sections.
Tie it above your bun.
I might do a video to show and explain everything some day... But this is it for now and I really wear both of these styles a lot.

A friends wedding

Yesterday I was at a friends wedding and another friend fixed my hair.
I had to buy a dress that wasn't all black for this occasion. The shoes, I bought for my high school graduation eight years ago.
It took her 1,5 hours to do my hair and the result was amazing! I'm so happy with it!
It was the same friend who took the pictures for me!

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