How to use a square scarf for you hair

The first version is great for protecting your hair, or to simply hide the fact that you haven't washed or brushed it.
Fold it like this.
Put the "middle piece" over your bun.
Cross the "side pieces" over the middle piece.
Twist the middle section with one of the side sections.
Put all of the pieces on top of your bun.
Tie it. You can now choose to leave the ends loose or tuck them in under your scarf.
Version number is great for hiding greasy roots or protecting the scalp while still showing of your bun and/or hairtoys.
 Fold the scarf the same way.
Put the middlesection "on the side" of your bun.
Cross the side sections under your bun and twist the middle section with one of the side sections.
Tie it above your bun.
I might do a video to show and explain everything some day... But this is it for now and I really wear both of these styles a lot.


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