Growing my hair for 11 years!

11 Years have now passed since I had a side cut and decided that I wanted long hair.
I cut all of the hair to the same length (0,5 cm, so a little shorter than in the picture), but kept bangs to have less of a buzz cut. But since I hate having bangs, so I soon cut it off too.
Back then I used a really dull scissor to cut my hair and would continue to do so for years.
Don't ask me why, but I bleached my hair... Above is the "carrot phase".
Blond and abused hair.
And of course, I soon missed having black hair.
I decided to for the last time in my life, bleach my hair before dying it red and then go back to black once and for all. And thus the "carrot phase" again.
I also used to let a friend heat style my hair.
I really enjoyed the color hair, but what a hassle to keep it red!
After I had to wash it with some special stuff before surgery, most of the dye washed out and I decided to let the bleached hair grow out and slowly cut it away before dying it black.
Before jumping in to the shower to do my first CO-wash.
This is what my natural hair color looked like after a year of CO-washing and when most of the bleach had been cut away.
I decided to never again use chemical dyes again and wanted to be a henna head for a while, before starting the process of getting it black with indigo.
The process of getting it black. It took some time and effort, but was worth it. Also, my hair finally started to get longer for real, now that I now longer mistreated it.
Black again.
Uneven hemline because of my braid waves.

And this is today! I'm closing in on classic and am going for terminal!
Although my hair would have been a lot longer if I would have taken as good care of it all the way, as I'm doing today. I have no regrets! I had a lot of fun trying different colors and doing stuff with my hair!


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